Daniele Coppola is a videogames & entertainment media music composer born in 5 October 1995 in Naples, Italy.
Specialized in symphonic orchestral music, he take inspiration from several Japanese games, like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and more.
He worked with several teams and companies: Vewo Inc. (Nexomon); HallgrimGames (Puzzle Pelago); Mana Project Studio (Nightfell RPG) and many more.
He also composed the soundtrack for a RAI's television documentary: l'anima del Gran Zebrù.
In 2018 he began lessons on composition – focused on imagery and emotion, with Pericle Odierna.

“Elrehon” is an affective nickname, dating back many years, when Daniele used to play online videogames. It is a combination of two characters from “The Lord of the Rings” saga: Elrond, king of Rivendell, and Elrohir, his son. From then onwards, he never abandoned that name. It was so appropriate that it is still his stage name to this day.